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We (Mike Lurie, Greg Dunbar, Lauren Buono, Shawn Riley & Bryn Coveney) are a group of students studying abroad in London for the semester from Ithaca College in Ithaca, New York. This blog is to document our class experiences in "The Keyboard and it's Role in London Society" course, which is being taught by Diane Birr at the Ithaca College London Center, in South Kensington. Our studies focus on keyboard instruments (the Virginal, Harpsichord, Pianoforte, Piano, Organ, Electronic keyboard) and explore how these instruments are historically interwoven with the personal and social fabric of London society.

Tuesday, 15 April 2008

Queen Elizabeth Hall presents Imogen Cooper

Queen Elizabeth Hall
Southbank Center
Imogen Cooper, piano

This is the class' second appearance on London's Southbank Centre.  We attended a concert featuring the British pianist Imogen Cooper playing works by Schubert.  This recital was the first in a cycle of four Schubert programs Cooper is presenting this year and next at Southbank. Queen Elizabeth Hall was built in 1951 and includes not only QE Hall, but also the Purcell Room, an intimate recital space, as well as The Front Room, which many times hosts free pre-concert lectures or performances by some of the concert artists.

"Imogen was swift, nearly flawless and professional. What I was drew me in the most was her facial expressions throughout the performance. She would lean back, smile, mouth words in silence and keep her eyes closed, all while dazzling the audience with her keystrokes."

"Cooper's animated hand motions included a captivating element that has been present in very few of the other performances."

For additional information on Imogen Cooper, click here

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